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strategie trading forex intraday Atsora provides data driven solutions for Small and Medium Business.Our platforms enables banks to offer business tools and ecosystem of services for SME customers.

Business Finance Management (BFM)

opsioni binarie su mib For SME by design. Integrates banking, accounting and operational data into financial command center. Helps SME to manage cashflow and plan business growth.

Cashflow based scoring

click Platform provides well structured data for risk scoring and better insight. SME can share cashflow snapshot with pre-scoring metrics in order to initiate loan application ... online with few clicks

SME service ecosystem

follow url Atsora Platform provides turn-key solution for building services and product ecosystem for SME segment. Integration with bank, accounting packages and wide spectrum of fintech services


here We offer technology platform, implementation framework and industry expertise.

Flexible deployment

http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=trading-automatico-opzioni-binarie-optionsxo&86f=77 Platform can integrate with Bank CRM, next best action engine. Our backend collects event driven data and can integrate with Bank data analytics

Fast time to market

click here We can setup dedicated solution, customise it and provide end 2 end on boarding experience in weeks timeframe. Our lean approach minimise risk and shorten time to market for SME innovation

UX and branding

http://agencijapragma.com/?kiopoa=opzioni-digitali-forum-finanzaonline&6db=9c Atsora platform will seamlessly integrate with existing omnichannel solutions for business customers. Modular design and customisation will create unique value proposition for Bank customers

Ready for Proof of Concept? We are. Contact us and we will provide step by step PoC action plan proposal

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